What to do after your Child’s Laser Frenectomy?

A franectomy is one of the most common procedures with most of these procedures taking place among children. Among all the ways of conducting a frenectomy, a laser treatment is the most widely opted.

Keep your child from pulling/poking at the wound

Laser procedures make sure there is not much bleeding taking place. Once the procedure is done, you might be given a gauze to hold close to the wound in order to stop any little bleeding that could happen. However, pulling, poking, or prodding at the treated area can reopen the wound and lead to even more bleeding. It is vital that you make sure you or your child do not disturb the treated area until a few hours after the procedure takes place.

Treat the swelling

After a frenectomy, swelling can usually be seen. This peaks further between 48 to 72 hours after the procedure. There may also be some sort of discolouration in certain cases which takes place due to a ‘laser bandaid’ being applied to the treated are for a speedy recovery and healing.

Don’t administer painkillers with your own understanding

Pain is only inevitable after a frenectomy. While a certain amount of pain will be felt, going by the specialist’s prescription of painkillers for your child is always the best way to deal with it. It is vital that you don’t use your own understanding of medicines to administer one to your child. Also, in case the pain goes beyond what can be borne or you are in the slightest bit unsure of how to deal with it, calling the specialist can help.

Avoid feeding them spicy food after a frenectomy

If a laser procedure has been conducted by your child’s specialist for a tongue-tie, it is essential to feed the child only once the numbness has gone completely. Another thing to remember is to avoid using straws. If your child is in the habit of drinking from a sipper, avoid it for a while. Apart from this, food items that are acidic or spicy can also delay healing or cause discomfort.

While all of these tips can help you after a procedure, the right specialist for laser frenectomy in Melbourne will not only ensure a successful procedure but also offer suggestions as to what can and cannot be done once your child has been treated.

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