Treating Tongue Tie Condition in Melbourne

A tongue tie condition is one where the membrane under the tongue is overgrown and attaches the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This hampers the free movement of the tongue and can cause many issues. From causing speech disabilities, to jaw misalignment, to deformed, displaced and out of shape teeth, if the condition is left untreated, it can pose a lot of complications.

Understanding Tongue tie:

While not too common, tongue tie is a condition that affects a child from birth and is is estimated to occur between 1 to 10% of infants. Research shows that tongue tie usually runs in the family and the severity of the same can vary from child to child. Some might show severe signs of tongue tie, which can inhibit their ability to speak, while others might have an ever so slight tongue tie that the condition wouldn’t effect them a lot.

Complications while feeding:

Among infants, tongue tie can severely inhibit the jaw movement of a child, the implications of which can be extreme. One such complication could arise while breastfeeding a child or trying to feed them their baby food or even drink water. As tongue tie restricts the movement of the child’s jaw and mouth, the child’s inability to fully open his/her mouth, one can have severe repercussions. Getting the same treated by visiting a tongue tie specialist Melbourne at a young age will improve the overall quality of life for the child.

Speech disability:

One of the repercussions of tongue tie is the speech disability that comes along with the same. As the child’s tongue movement is severely restricted, growing up, he/she may find it hard to communicate their emotions, which can, in turn, severely hamper his/her mental growth.

Dental issues:

Growing up, as the tongue’s movement influences the shape and positioning of the teeth and jaw, and with the restrictions that come along with tongue tie can cause deformed teeth, over extension of the upper or lower jaw, this being misaligned, which can then require another set of dental treatment. Experts advise that getting treated by a tongue tie specialist Melbourne can avoid these complications.

As tongue tie issues can hamper the mental growth of a child and pose severe issues while growing up, getting the same treated early is advisable.

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