Tongue-Tie Symptoms and Treatment in Melbourne

Tongue-tie refers to when a band of tissue called the lingual frenulum connects the tip of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Tongue-tie can affect a child’s speech and eating abilities. It can also cause a problem during breastfeeding. A tongue-tie usually doesn’t cause a problem but if it does, it can be treated by tongue-tie specialists in Melbourne.

How to identify tongue-tie in children?

A tongue-tie issue can be identified by the following cases:

  1. Incapable of lifting the tongue to the upper teeth.
  2. Trouble in moving the tongue from one side of the mouth to the other.
  3. Speech problems.

Tongue-tie can be genetic and is more common in boys than girls

How to treat tongue-tie?

The course of treatment depends on children to children. It is essential to operate it immediately if the problem is found during birth time. Depending on the severity of the tongue-tie, it can be operated by tongue-tie specialists.

What Is a Frenotomy and Frenuloplasty?

The band of the tissue is cropped so it does not anchor the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. Because of a few nerve endings Online Casinos AUD in the tissue, the pain incurred is minimal. Frenuloplasty is applied when the tissue is too thick for the former type of surgery.

When does a child need tongue-tie surgery?
  1. When the baby has difficulty during breastfeeding
  2.  When the child can’t eat properly
  3.  When the child’s speech has been affected

Tongue-tie also leads to speech disorders. Thus, some sessions from speech therapists can be required.

Western Specialist has tongue-tie specialists in Melbourne who provide customized care for each patient and treat numerous paediatric patients. Each case is evaluated personally. If you have any queries regarding the surgery, call our tongue tie specialists now!


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