Consult Our Medical Experts For Treatment of Tongue Tie in Doreen

Western Specialist Centre is regarded as the most reliable health centre for children and women. Be it minor health trouble or a complicated health issue, we make sure to give all our patients equal time and attention. We also provide professional medical assistance for mental illnesses and behavioural issues. We, at Western Specialist Centre, understand how important childcare is. Every parent wants the best medical facility for their child and hence, selecting the right health centre is necessary. Children need regular medical attention because they are vulnerable to several diseases and behavioural problems. Tongue-tie is a common condition in children that is present from birth. We also provide treatment for tongue tie in Doreen. Our health centre is child-friendly and caters to all child-related health issues including tongue-tie and lip-tie. Right from tongue-tie to behavioural issues, our health experts offer medical services for all problems. The condition of tongue-tie is not understood by all. Most parents do not even come to know about the presence of the same until and unless it starts affecting the child’s health. Not all children need tongue-tie treatment but in some cases, it is necessary to go for a simple surgical procedure. Before going for the treatment of tongue tie in Doreen, check out the following points.

What Is Tongue-Tie?

In the tongue-tie condition, the tongue cannot move freely in the mouth because the frenulum under the tongue is either too tight or short. This creates a problem in breastfeeding.

What Is The Cause Of Tongue-Tie?

There is no concrete cause of this condition but medical experts state that it is because of genetic factors.

Ability To Follow Simple And Clear Instructions

A child who can follow simple instructions like sitting down or eating is ready for toilet training. However, parents need to be patient with the child.

How Does Tongue-Tie Affect Children?

The seriousness of the tongue-tie condition decides its impact on the child. Not all children witness a serious effect of the condition. However, this condition can lead to speech and eating issues if severe. You can get the best treatment of tongue tie in Doreen for your child at Western Specialist Centre.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Tongue-Tie?

It is quite difficult to detect the presence of tongue-tie condition in a child. When the baby encounters problems in breastfeeding it can be a sign of tongue tie. Some other signs are restricted movements of the tongue, inability to touch the roof of the mouth, weight loss due to problems in breastfeeding, etc. Consult our childcare practitioners for treatment of tongue tie in Doreen.

How Can Tongue-Tie Be Treated?

Frenotomy is the most effective way to treat tongue tie. Our childcare experts will first examine your child and then start with the procedure. The frenotomy procedure is almost painless but the child may experience some discomfort. The thin membrane restricting the movement of the tongue is released in this procedure. Consult child specialists at Western Specialist Centre for tongue tie in Doreen.

Reasons Why You Should Rely On Western Specialist Centre

Our health centre offers comprehensive medical services for women and children. The medical experts at Western Specialist Centre know what is best for your child and make sure to provide highly professional services. We provide medical care for both physical and mental well-being. Here’s why you should rely on us for health care services.

Comprehensive Health Services For Women And Children

Our doctors are highly trained and can deal with all sorts of medical problems. Right from women’s health issues like PCOSpelvic painovarian cystsinfertility, etc. to children’s behavioural and physical problems like ADHD, tongue-tie, lip-tie, constipationeczema, etc. our team is well-equipped to deal with every health concern.

Equal Focus On All Cases

The team at Western Specialist Centre gives equal attention and focus to each patient. Our staff makes sure to treat everyone equally. We believe in providing hassle-free medical services to all. Be it treatment procedure for tongue tie in Doreen or serious surgery, we pay utmost attention to all cases.

Approachable Staff

All our doctors and supporting staff are approachable and friendly. Known for being a health centre for women and children, we will make sure your experience at Western Specialist Centre is comfortable and hassle-free.

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