Tips To Take Care Of Your Child’s Tongue Tie Condition

Children often suffer from tongue tieand lip tie conditions when they are born. These conditions are quite difficult to detect when the child is born. In this condition, the frenulum at the bottom of the tongue restricts the free movement of the tongue inside the mouth. This can lead to problems in breastfeeding and speech too. If not treated at an early stage, this condition can also interfere with food swallowing. In most cases, this condition gets noticed when the child is facing problems in breastfeeding. Not all children may need surgery for tongue tie. In some cases, the condition does not interfere with the normal functioning and hence, needs no treatment. It is necessary to identify the signs and symptoms when it comes to tongue tie like difficulty in lifting the tongue, not being able to reach the back teeth with the tongue, etc. Untreated tongue tie in children can also lead to poor oral hygiene. Here are some tips to take care of your child’s tongue tie condition.

Take care while breastfeeding the child

The tongue tie condition can interfere with breastfeeding. Both the mother and child are bound to experience problems. See to it that you position the baby in the right manner when it comes to breastfeeding a child with tongue tie. Problems in breastfeeding can affect the child’s nutrition level too.

See if the child needs a frenectomy

Though not all babies need to go for tongue tie treatment, it is necessary to consult a paediatrician to know if the child needs a frenectomy. It is best not to delay the treatment if the problem is affecting the child’s normal functioning.

Handle the child with patience and care

The child is bound to get irritable and cranky because of tongue tie. See to it that you handle the child with care during this time. The lack of milk supply in the body is responsible for the child’s irritability most of the times.

Consult a well-experienced paediatrician for treating your child’stongue tie condition.

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