Simple Tips and Techniques to Toilet Train Kids

Toilet training is an important phase in a child’s life. Parents often stress a lot when it comes to toilet training for kids. Handling a toddler is a complicated task and to toilet train them is another minor challenge. Toilet training for kids should start at the age of 2. However, it must be noted that not all children are ready when they are 2. Some kids may be ready when they are two while may show signs of readiness even before that. In some cases, children are not trained to even when they are older than two years. Parents need to have a lot of patience when it comes to toilet training the kids. Kids often do not welcome the change and may also throw tantrums. Make sure not to pressurize children for toilet training. Paediatricians can also help with toilet training for kids. Here are some simple tips and techniques to toilet train kids.

  • Check for signs of readiness

Not all children are ready by the age of two to use the toilet. Even for the training, the kids need to be ready. When the child conveys the need to go to the toilet it means he/she is ready to get trained. Moreover, some subtle signs of readiness like pointing towards the diaper to use the toilet can also mean you can start with the toilet training.

  • Don’t forget night-time toilet training

The child must know that using the toilet at night is normal and necessary. Make sure to train your child for the same. Using the toilet should be a part of their bedtime routine. This practice can also keep the child away from bed-wetting.

  • Pay attention to their cleanliness level

Just teaching the children how to use the toilet is not enough. Make sure the child washes his/her hands after using the toilet. When it comes to toilet training parents can also take the help of animated videos and children’s books.

Toilet training for kids needs a lot of parental focus. Make sure you appreciate your child during the training.

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