Signs Your Tongue Tie Specialist Is The Right One

Children often suffer from tongue-tie and lip-tie conditions. The stated conditions are quite common in newborns. In most cases, the tongue-tie condition affects the child’s breastfeeding which can lead to poor weight. There are no immediate and evident signs of tongue-tie but some common symptoms can be limited tongue movement in the child’s mouth, problems while breastfeeding, a visible thin membrane controlling the movement of the tongue, etc. Tongue-tie in children can be treated with the help of frenotomy. In this treatment procedure, the thin membrane that restricts the tongue movement is released. The procedure is extremely quick and simple. In most cases, babies do not even experience any pain. Nevertheless, the child is bound to get anxious during the procedure and needs to be handled with care. When it comes to children selecting the right medical expert becomes all the more important. Consult a tongue tie specialist in Melbourne for your child’s frenotomy. Here are some signs to know if your child’s tongue tie specialist is reliable.

Well-experienced and Certified

Handling children is a difficult task and paediatricians are well-trained for the same. However, before trusting a doctor with your child it is best to check his or her experience. See to it that the medical expert you rely on is certified and capable of handling your child’s treatment procedure.

Easy To Communicate

The child can witness a range of emotions when it comes to frenotomy and hence, open communication with the tongue tie specialist is very important. The specialist you choose needs to interact with your child comfortably.


In a few cases, the child may need medical attention even after the frenotomy procedure is performed. See to it that the tongue tie specialist you choose is available for any emergencies and is easy to reach out to.

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