Selecting the Right Obstetrician for Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most thrilling and joyous times in the lives of new parents. From the novelty of it all to the anticipation of what is to come, there is a lot that parents know to expect but have almost no experience managing. Choosing the right obstetrician is one such obstacle.

To help you figure out your choices, here’s how you can get started:

Consult your general practitioner

Pregnancy can be quite overwhelming, irrespective of whether you’re a first-time parent. This also makes a parent-to-be wildly unprepared. A family GP can give you the right referrals to expert obstetricians around you. With their medical connections to practitioners from every field, you can make a start to identify whether their suggestion is the right one for you. The referral can also serve as an indicator of what you’re looking for in an obstetrician.

Enquire about word of mouth reviews or references

Almost every family we know has had their experience with an obstetrician at some point. And there’s nothing better than word-of-mouth review from a known and trusted person. Find out which obstetrician they recommend and how their experience has been. They can also help you steer clear of obstetricians that are far from approachable or encouraging. Ask for references of obstetricians that are supportive and put you and your baby first.

Prioritise accessibility

There is nothing to gain by visiting an obstetrician living miles away from you. Accessibility should be a key priority while deciding on the right obstetricians for your pregnancy. Ask yourself these questions when in doubt – Is physically and telephonically reaching your obstetrician easy? Is getting a quick appointment convenient? Does the obstetrician practice at multiple clinics around you? Is the clinic easily accessible through public transport?

How convenient it is to meet with your obstetrician or reach out in case of emergencies should be an essential factor in determining whether they are the right one for you.

Calculate your costs

Deciding on an obstetrician without adequate research can backfire when it comes to your budget. While your health fund may cover a large portion of the expense, it is essential that you calculate all costs involved, including the scans, tests, hospital bills, aesthetician fees, etc. Once you have the calculations in order, you are in a better position to narrow down options and choose the best obstetricians in Melbourne on your list.

Opt for a multidisciplinary clinic

Your obstetrician should not only provide support and quality care but also be able to intervene and make the right decisions in case of complications. A multidisciplinary clinic ensures that you have a qualified team at hand throughout your pregnancy and delivery without a potentially risky delay.

While being thorough with your research is a good way to start looking for an expert obstetrician, consider all essential factors such as the cost, online reviews, and accessibility as determining criteria in making the right choice.