Reasons Why Immediate Tongue-tie Treatment in Infancy is Vital

Tongue tie is quite a common condition among infants, unlike what most people believe. With various types of tongue ties affecting babies, the consequences can be anywhere between mild to drastic. Apart from speech impairment, there are certain consequences that can drastically affect the baby’s health, making immediate treatment a necessity. Here are some reasons why:

Infants Can Suffer From Poor Digestion

It is a well-known fact that the first step of digestion begins in the mouth. Tongue tie often limits the infant’s ability to breastfeed or even use a pacifier or a bottle. If this remains unnoticed, it can cause serious detriments to the infant’s health. In some cases, the lips of the infant may be attached to the gums, making it difficult for the baby to get a good enough grasp on the nipple to feed. Any of these cases could lead to the infant suffering from poor digestion.

Breastfeeding Mothers Suffer Too

One thing to understand is that tongue tie may affect not only the infant but also the mother. Some babies may overcompensate while breastfeeding by sucking too much or chewing instead of sucking in order to get a secure latch on the nipple, hurting the nipple and causing immense pain to the mother. Some mothers also tend to give up breastfeeding within a week due to the pain.

The Growth And Placement Of Teeth May Be Affected

Tongue ties in babies can also affect the growth of teeth and their arrangement. With the condition restricting tongue movements significantly, the chances of tooth decay is also significantly high.

If you notice your baby fussing while breastfeeding or see signs of tongue tie, it is crucial to get immediate tongue tie treatment in Melbourne to keep your baby’s health from suffering. Apart from tooth decay, other oral hygiene issues can also be a cause for concern with tongue tie in babies.

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