As a patient of this practice, you have a right to be fully informed pf the personal information we will collect from you, What we will use if for, how we will store it and your right of access to it.

Personal Information:

During both registration and consultation with this practice, you will be asked to provide personal information including your name, address, date of birth etc. this information will be attached to all documents related to your medical record.

Unique Identifier:

You may be given a unique identifying code (number of letter based) in our medical record system. We will not use this number for any other purpose than to identify you as a patient of this practice. The identifier is not disclosed to any other organization unless it is relevant to your health care.

Access to Your Health Information:

You have the right to access your health record (in most instances). You also have the right to correct any information in the record if you believe it to be incorrect. To access your record and/or correct information in the record, please ask to speak to the Privacy Officer who will assist you.

Security of Your Medical Information:

Your medical record will be kept in a secure place and the contents of it will not be disclosed to any person not directly involved in your primary care Unless a secondary purpose is related to the primary care purpose. Examples of disclosure to a secondary source are the disclosure of information to your health fund, for billing purposes, or to another health provider involved in your care.

Complaints Process:

If you wish to make a complaint regarding infringements of your rights to privacy (under the law) in this practice, please ask to speak to the Privacy Officer in confidence.

Further Information:

A patient information manual is available for all patients and contains information relating to The Privacy Act and The Health Records Act (Victoria).