Western Specialist Centre (WSC) service offerings

To Make an Appointment

STEP1: You or your child must have a referral letter from your GP (or specialist) to see a doctor at Western Specialist Centre. GP referrals are only valid for 12 months. After 12 months you will need to see your GP to make another referral. You will also need a new referral if you, or your child are attending for a new problem.

Note – A referral letter provided by a Specialist to another Specialist is only valid for 3 months.

STEP2: Fax, email or drop your GP referral to us. Our reception staff can then see the nature of concern and allocate the appropriate time for your appointment.

For urgent referrals, please ask your GP to fax the referral directly to us and call. Your GP may need to discuss your case with one of our Specialists to arrange an earlier appointment.

STEP3: If you have faxed or emailed your referral to us, we will then call you to book your appointment.

Appointment times –

Appointment times vary for each Specialist.

What to bring you appointment

  • Medicare Card
  • GP Referral (if not previously given or if we received a ‘hard to read’ copy)
  • Your child’s health record (blue or green book)
  • Any related reports, assessments, Xrays, blood tests, speech/psychology/cognitive assessments, school reports/kinder or child care reports.

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