Pap Smear Basics You Should Know

A visit to your gynaecologist can be daunting, but it is best to squeeze it into your routine regularly for all necessary preventive tests. You shouldn’t consider seeing the doctors only when there are unavoidable symptoms that seem to get the better of you. A regular check up every once in a while, including a pap smear can help you stay on top of your reproductive and general health.

If the term rings no bell, there is no sign of worry. A pap smear test is simply performed to diagnose cervical cancer in women across all age groups. As a preventive test, it helps rule out and detect the possibility of cervical cancer. In fact, a pap smear helps in early detection and timely treatment in Melbourne.

Here are the basics about the procedure that we think you should know before you make up your mind about taking the simple test. Not only will this prior knowledge help you prepare yourself mentally, it will also help you with the right amount of awareness and will also help you evaluate the approach of the clinic you visit. Western Specialist Centre offers pap smear tests in Melbourne in the most effective ways possible. Here’s all you need to know about the process before you schedule an appointment with our doctors.

How should the test be conducted?

Knowing that a pap smear test can help you detect cervical cancer, the next important question is “How?” It is important to have the test done by a qualified and renowned OBGYN. They will not only help you with the test procedure, but will also help you understand when it is best to get the test done. Considering there are certain prerequisites to follow, it is best to have the appointment in advance while you have been following through with your doctor’s conditions and advice. If you are 21 years or older, it is a good idea to see your OBGYN about the pap smears in Melbourne.

How often should the test be performed?

Most gynaecologists agree that this test should be performed at an approximate interval of three years if you are over 21 years of age. However, it is best to consult your gynaecologist personally to know what is best for you. Knowing how easily and professionally pap smear tests in Melbourne can be availed, it is vital that you do not ignore your health and take these preventive tests every three years.

Moreover, if you’re taking a pap smear test, it is best to have a word with your doctor about your recent symptoms and health concerns, if any. This will only facilitate better diagnosis and help you invite adequate care and professional treatment. Once you schedule an appointment for the test, it is best to show up on time and discuss your reports with the doctors in case of any confusion. Your OBGYN will make sure they give you all the needed preparatory pointers before you take the test.

At Western Specialist Centre, we always take care of our patients and familiarise them with all procedures in advance to shape a better experience. After all, it is important to have your preventive tests in order, and your health and safety is important for us!

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