Lifestyle Factors Which Affect Fertility Rate

These days many couples are facing the problem of infertility. Blame it on the lifestyle or the environmental changes, this particular issue is affecting people all over the globe. It can be rightly said that even psychological stress is the reason for infertility amongst many couples. There are many fertility treatment options available these days and these treatments are combined with medication too in order to increase the success rate. Apart from several medical reasons, lifestyle changes and habits also affect the fertility rate. Especially in today’s times when most individuals are experiencing high-stress levels, lifestyle has a big role to play when it comes to family planning. One can opt for an infertility treatment in Melbourne. Here are certain lifestyle factors which affect the fertility rate of an individual.

Smoking and alcohol addiction

It is a known fact that excessive smoking and alcohol drinking can lead to infertility. In order to have a safe pregnancy, it is best to stop smoking and drinking. The carcinogens in cigarettes are harmful for the development of both sperm and eggs and hence it is advisable to stop smoking. It has been observed that alcohol consumption also leads to complications in conceiving and might also result in issues like birth defects, stillbirth, etc.

Increased intake of caffeine

Caffeine is commonly found in tea, coffee and most sodas. According to research studies, increased consumption of caffeine in any form may lead to several fertility issues. Caffeine contains certain components which can lead to problems like premature birth, miscarriage, etc.

Eating disorders linked to weight issues

Body weight can also affect the fertility rate in both women and men. One needs to maintain a healthy BMI in order to proceed with a smooth pregnancy. In order to maintain a normal weight, it is essential to follow a healthy diet. Eating disorders can also lead to infertility.

You can rely on infertility treatment in Melbourne. There are many health centres in Melbourne which provide reliable treatments.

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