Lesser-Known Causes Of Bed-Wetting In Children

Bed-wetting is one of the most common problems in children. Apart from discomfort, this issue can also lead to several other hassles like anxiety, embarrassment, fear, etc. By the age of 5, most children can stay dry because they get toilet training. Nevertheless, it is important to note that bed-wetting is a part of the child’s overall development and parents should be supportive when it comes to dealing with this issue. It is also necessary to consider a child’s mental and physical state when it comes to treating bed-wetting. Though this condition can sometimes be a sign of an underlying disease, in most cases, children who go through bed-wetting have no illness as such. The problem of bed-wetting is easily treatable if diagnosed in time. Parents sometimes fail to understand their child’s bed-wetting problem and label them as disobedient. Moreover, the family’s medical history also plays a huge role in the occurrence of this condition in a child. Also, check if any food products or drinks are triggering this condition in your child. Consult a trained paediatrician for the treatment of bed-wetting in Melbourne. Here are some lesser-known causes of bed-wetting in children.

The child is unable to control the bladder

Not all children mature in the same way. Sometimes the child’s bladder is not fully developed to hold the urine which leads to bed-wetting. Additionally, the nerves that control the bladder sometimes don’t develop fully which can lead to bed-wetting.

Issues like stress and fear

Children who do not express their emotions freely often face the problem of bed-wetting. Emotions like stress, fear and anxiety can also lead to bed-wetting in children. Simple changes like the first day of school, witnessing a new member in the family, etc. can lead to bed-wetting.

Improper sleep schedule

The well-being of a child depends largely on his/her sleep schedule. Issues like sleepwalking and obstructive sleep can also encourage the problem of bed-wetting in children. Poor breathing during sleep can lead to more urine production in the kidneys which eventually leads to bed-wetting.

Treatment for bed-wetting in Melbourne is effective and helpful. Make sure you visit a well-experienced paediatrician.

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