Important Things You Must Know About Laser Frenectomy

Important Things You Must Know About Laser Frenectomy

Infants are sometimes born with a tongue tie or a lip tie. In these conditions, the frenulum which acts as a connection between organs prevents their free movement in the mouth. If the condition is not treated in its initial stage it can lead to other dental problems in the future. Tongue tie and lip tie can occur together as well. The tongue tie condition may affect a child’s talking, chewing and swallowing too. Tongue tie in some cases is also known to have genetic causes. It is necessary to treat these conditions immediately because they may also create problems in breastfeeding. Though tongue tie is more common among babies, some infants also suffer from lip tie. In the lip tie condition, the tissue behind the upper lip is either too thick or stiff which restricts the free movement of the upper lip. One of the most common and immediate symptoms of lip tie is difficulty in breathing during breastfeeding. Well, not all babies suffer from severe tongue tie or lip tie conditions. In many cases, these conditions are present in extremely mild levels and hardly cause any problems. Go for a laser frenectomy in Melbourne for painless and quick removal of the frenulum. Here are some important things you must know about laser frenectomy.

Duration of the laser frenectomy

Laser frenectomy is a simple procedure in which the laser directly targets the frenulum. This procedure is quick and painless and normally causes no or minimal bleeding. Though frenectomy can also be performed with the help of scissors, laser frenectomy is a better option.

Aftereffects of laser frenectomy

Parents are usually worried about the relapse of frenulum after the procedure. In laser frenulum, there are hardly any chances of tissue relapse. Additionally, the procedure ensures quick healing as well.

No risk of infection

When you opt for laser frenectomy you need not worry about infections after the procedure. This technique is safe and reliable and usually, does not lead to any infections. However, make sure you choose a genuine clinic for the procedure.

Consult an expert for laser frenectomy in Melbourne and give relief to your child’s discomfort.

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