Important Things To Know Before The Colposcopy Procedure

When a woman’s Pap test results are abnormal, colposcopy is performed. This particular procedure is also suggested for a cervical cancer test. In colposcopy, the doctor gets to take a closer look at your cervix, vagina and vulva. These parts are examined to know about the presence of disease. In simple terms, this procedure detects the abnormal cells in the cervix which then helps the doctor to know about the disease. Colposcopy is performed with the help of a special instrument called colposcope. After this procedure, you will be told whether there is a need to go for a cervical biopsy or no. One can go for colposcopy in Melbourne. Even before the procedure, there are a few important things which need consideration. Check out the points to remember before going for colposcopy.

Don’t use creams or tampons before the procedure

Schedule your colposcopy appointment keeping in mind your menstrual cycle. It is best not to go for a colposcopy during your periods because the discharge makes it difficult to detect the cells. Additionally, see to it that you haven’t applied any cream or ointment before the procedure apart from the one which is applied right before the procedure. Using tampons during the procedure is not recommended because that can create a disturbance in identifying the cells.

Take guidance and mentally prepare yourself

Most women are extremely stressed when it comes to colposcopy. Due to lack of knowledge and know-how, there are many assumptions regarding this procedure. The best way to prepare yourself for a colposcopy is to consult your doctor and know about the same. Make sure you clear all your doubts before the procedure. Many women are worried if this procedure is painful. Colposcopy is overall a pain-free procedure but some women may experience a slight discomfort.

Risks after the procedure

Once you schedule your appointment for a colposcopy also know about the risks it involves. Apart from some discomfort some women may also experience bleeding, vaginal discharge, fever or abdominal pain. Consult your doctor before taking any medicines for the stated problems.

Consult professional medical experts for colposcopy in Melbourne.

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