Important Things To Know About Day Wetting In Children

Most children suffer from bedwetting issues until the age of five. In bedwetting, the child urinates involuntarily during sleep but in day wetting they urinate unknowingly even during day time. This condition is quite common in school-going children. Additionally, day wetting can also affect children older than five years. Handling children with day wetting requires both patience and understanding. See to it that you do not blame the child for wetting because that can further aggravate the problem. This condition can occur even after toilet training. There has to be clear communication with the child when it comes to day wetting. The child needs to understand that this condition is temporary and can be treated easily with the right approach. The first step of day wetting treatment is to know about its cause. Here are some important things you need to know about day wetting in children.

Common Causes Of Day Wetting In Children

There can be many causes of day wetting in children. Some of the common causes are an overactive or under-active bladder, urinary tract infection, constipation and certain other medical conditions. Children suffering from diabetes, ADHD and abnormalities in the nervous system can also develop the condition of day time wetting. In many cases, the diet can also be blamed for the same.

When Does Day Wetting Need Medical Assistance?

Usually, children do not need medical assistance for day wetting. However, if your child is wetting too often, it needs medical attention. Also, if day wetting is causing your child emotional stress and anxiety, then it needs immediate medical attention.

Day Wetting Treatment Options For Children

Before going to a medical expert, parents should monitor the child’s condition at home. Encourage your child to drink more fluids, tell him/her to use the toilet at regular intervals and see to it that the child is getting enough sleep. Most child specialists first study the cause of the condition and may prescribe bed wetting alarms or medication. Only in severe and rare cases will the child need surgery.

Make sure to consult a well-experienced paediatrician for day wetting treatment or visit westernspecialistcentre.com.au for more information.

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