Impact And Risk Factors Of Bedwetting In Children

Bedwetting in children needs careful handling and patience. Parents often believe that lack of toilet training is the cause of bedwetting. It should be noted that bedwetting is normal in children until the age of 5. However, you need to seek medical assistance for your child if he/she is 6 years or older and is still bedwetting. Communication between the parent and child is very crucial in dealing with bedwetting. Not every child who is suffering from bedwetting is having a serious health problem. Parents should consult a child specialist in case, bedwetting does not stop naturally. Many physical conditions can lead to bedwetting in children. There are many child-friendly healthcare centres for the treatment of bedwetting in Melbourne. Apart from physical issues, bedwetting can also lead to several other problems in children. Some common causes of bedwetting are infection in the urinary tract, hormonal imbalance, small bladder size, constipation, etc. Take a look at how bedwetting impacts children.

Feelings Of Guilt And Embarrassment

Most children who suffer from bedwetting experience embarrassment and guilt. This not only impacts their daily activities but also influences their relationships. Be it interacting with peers or other members in the family, the child is bound to feel depressed. Parents should communicate with the child freely in such cases.

Lack Of Confidence And Lower Self-Esteem

Bedwetting is known to have negative effects on a child’s behaviour. If your child is in school and is suffering from bedwetting then he/she might show signs of low self-esteem. Children who suffer from bedwetting often lack confidence too. This leads to low performance in school, lack of concentration, etc.

Rashes On The Skin

Bedwetting often leads to rashes on the skin and that can irritate the child. The irritation and disturbed sleep pattern often result in aggressive behaviour too.

Consult child specialists for bedwetting in Melbourne. Parents can also monitor the child’s liquid intake as a measure to control bedwetting.

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