How Gynaecologists Can Help In Your Pre Pregnancy Stage

Preparing for pregnancy requires the guidance of a medical expert. Initially, women consulted gynaecologists only during pregnancy but nowadays, even for family planning, most consider consulting a gynaecologist. Gynaecology and obstetrics are now interlinked because most obstetricians are also trained in gynaecology and vice versa. Women generally tend to ignore problems related to their reproductive health which then leads to several complications in the future.   Consulting a gynaecologist on a regular basis is not just necessary for family planning and pregnancy but is also essential for keeping a track of women’s overall health. The first visit to a gynaecologist can be quite stressful but make sure that does not stop you from consulting one. Additionally, selecting the right gynaecologist is equally important. Factors like the experience of the gynaecologist, availability of the gynaecologist, location, etc. need to be considered. Even if you feel you are healthy to go ahead with the pregnancy it is advisable to take a gynaecologist’s opinion. Consult a gynaecologist in Melbourne and get reliable medical guidance for your pregnancy and overall health. Here is how a gynaecologist can help in your pre pregnancy stage.

Implementing lifestyle changes

Most women are unaware if their body is healthy enough to go ahead with the pregnancy. Consulting a gynaecologist will help you implement certain lifestyle changes which will lead to safe and healthy pregnancy. Even when it comes to vitamin supplements or dietary changes gynaecologists will guide you.

Detecting genetic conditions in the body which can come in the way of conceiving

Women who have had miscarriages or are suffering from any genetic condition need to consult a gynaecologist. The gynaecologist will conduct a few tests to make sure the body is ready and fit for carrying the fetus.

Analysing health risks beforehand

Being overweight or underweight can also impact pregnancy. Gynaecologists can help if you are having problems in conceiving. Even if you are taking anti-depressants or antibiotics you will need to share the same with your gynaecologist. Certain medicines can also pose as a risk for pregnancy which needs to be tested.

 Schedule an appointment with a gynaecologist in Melbourne and have a safe pregnancy.


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