What To Bring With You If You Have It:

  • Any letters or reports from previous specialist appointments in relations to your condition 
  • Any results or reports from previous tests, ultrasounds, xrays done prior to appointment  
  • Signed registration form (if able to print and complete prior to appointment) 
What To Remember:
  • Ensure to confirm your appointment to avoid any cancellations
  • Sometimes clinic may be running behind and delays may occur
  • The parenting/guardian policy that we abide by (for minors booked in)
  • Always ensure to provide your name and date of birth when communicating to Western Specialist Centre via email (reception@wscvic.com)
  • Appointments are fee based, and you must finalise your account with reception before exiting the building
  • Our specialists are experts in their field and you are in safe hands under their care
What To Expect:
  • Hand your signed paperwork to reception and wait for the doctor to see you 
  • When with the doctor he/she will have a consultation with you, and will assess you  
  • Upon assessment he/she will then advise next steps options available to you 
  • You can then see reception to finalise your appointment and re-book any follow-ups as necessary 
  • A dictated letter is sent to your referring GP soon after the appointment when completed  
Please Note For IUD Insertion (Mirena):
  • You must have the Mirena kit with you for the appointment
    • Generally your referring GP can write you a script for this
    • It is also good to have the below done in time for your appointment as well:
      • Pregnancy test (1-2 days prior)
      • Vaginal swab to rule out any infections
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