WSC is a private, fee for service clinic.

Accounts are payable on the day of your consultation by cash, Eftpos, Mastercard or Visa. Medicare rebates will apply for consultations if you or your child have a valid referral.

If you have a bank account linked to your Medicare card then we can process your rebate online. Your rebate will then go through to your nominated account within 48 hours.


If you aren’t already enrolled in Medicare, you can complete a Medicare enrolment application form and submit the form along with identity and proof of residence documents to your local service centre.

To register your bank account details:

You need to:

  • have your Medicare card and bank account details – BSB, account number and account name – with you when you register


Once you reach a relevant threshold, the Medicare Safety Net provides an additional benefit for eligible services on top of the standard Medicare benefit. This may mean that visits to your doctor or having tests could cost you less for the rest of that calendar year.


This program began on 1 July 2008. Under this program Medicare benefits are available for assessment, diagnosis and the creation of a treatment and management plan for children with autism or other pervasive developmental disorder.

Children with both an eligible disability and autism or other pervasive developmental disorder can access the Better Start for Children with Disability initiative or the Helping Children with Autism program, but not both.
Read more about the Helping Children with Autism Program on the Department of Health website.


Under Medicare Chronic Disease Management, chronically ill patients who are being managed by their general practitioner (GP) under a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement can access Medicare benefits for allied health services.

GP referral forms, Referral Form for Chronic Disease Allied Health (Individual) Services under Medicare issued by the Department are available on the Department of Health website.


The Better Access initiative provides improved access to mental health practitioners for patient’s through Medicare.

Under this initiative, Medicare benefits are available for selected mental health services provided by GPs, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical and registered, eligible social workers and occupational therapists.
Read more about the Better Access initiative on the Department of Health website.


This initiative began on 1 July 2011. Under this initiative Medicare benefits are available for the early diagnosis and treatment of children with an eligible disability.
Read about the Better Start for Children with Disability on the Department of Health website.


The Australian Government has committed $190 million for the four years up to June 2012 to deliver the Helping Children with Autism package. The funding is to help provide services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).


  • A Paediatrician must first diagnose the child with ASD and provide the family with a letter to an Autism Advisor.
  • The Autism Advisor will then provide information regarding eligibility, available funding, early intervention and other support services available


  • 1. Early Intervention Assistance Funding Package Through FAHCSIA.
    • The early intervention funding package provides access to early intervention for children aged zero to six with an ASD. The funding is for evidence-based early intervention to help improve: cognitive, emotional and social development of the child with ASD, prior to a child starting school.
    • There is a revised eligibility criteria, effective from 19 October 2009. To be eligible for the early intervention funding package a child must have been seen by an Autism Advisor and deemed eligible to access the program before their sixth birthday.
    • The $12,000 in funding under the early intervention component can be used until the child’s seventh birthday to a maximum of $6,000 per financial year.
    • Eligible families can access service providers from the panel of Early Intervention Service Providers, which includes the Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic.
  • 2. For children aged under 13 years for assessment and under 15 for treatment
    • There are new Medicare items available for children aged under 13 years to access Psychologists, Speech and Occupational Therapists for assessment and for treatment if aged under 15 years
    • A Paediatrician must do the referral for these once in a lifetime Medicare Items. Medicare rebates are available for a total of 4 sessions for assessment (must be under 13) and for a further 20 sessions towards treatment (must be under 15).
  • 3. Families from outer-regional or remote areas
    • Families from outer-regional or remote areas may be eligible to receive an additional one off payment of $2,000 (paid directly to families) to assist with travel, accommodation, training, and respite or resource costs associated with early intervention.
  • 4. Medicare items 2710: GP Mental Health Care Plan
    • GPs can refer the child with Autism for treatment by a Psychologist for 12 Medicare-rebatable sessions per annum (can be extended to 18)
    • The same applies to any other member of the family who is affected by the child’s difficulties: those suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, poor sleep and any other mental health issue.