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Dr. Malini Singh

Grad Dip Ed, BPsych, PhD, MAPS


Malini has a doctorate in behavioural neuroscience and her key interest relates to the role of the brain in behaviour and neural mechanisms. She has over 17 years of experience in working with children and adults. At Change for Life, Malini is offering paediatric services that include assessments for formulating diagnoses, funding applications, and developing Early Intervention (EI) Programs for children and families with additional needs.

Malini and her team run a targeted ABA program at Change for Life for ASD, Level 3.  Therapy support for children includes Video Interactive Guidance, PECS, Social Stories, Play, Movement and Music Therapy, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, and Intensive Interaction. She has a keen interest in parent-child attachment and building a family centred model of care.

For adults and children in her general psychology practice, Malini provides therapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and loss, specific phobias, OCD type behaviour, panic attacks, parental separation, and culturally and linguistically diverse issues.   She offers secondary consultation and support for court reports, complex dual disability issues, and funding support packages.

Malini is committed to educating and teaching via speaking engagements, training workshops, and journalistic writing to increase community awareness and support for mental health and disabilities.

Malini continues to have a keen interest in collaborating and working on projects to develop innovative clinical interventions for schools and preschools.

In her personal life, she is a busy mother and wife and enjoys creative writing, bushwalking, cooking, photography and music with her friends and family.