Consult Our Paediatricians And Get Guidance On Toilet Training for Kids

Parents find toilet training for kids the most dreadful part of parenting. Training your toddler to use the toilet is not so difficult but needs patience. Parents can also approach childcare experts at Western Specialist Centre if they are clueless about giving their kids toilet training. It is necessary to know that not every child is ready at the same time for toilet training. Some children may show readiness at a younger age while some may also take time. Usually, children between 18 to 30 months of age realize the urge to go to the toilet. Also, most parents start giving toilet training to their kids during this age. Some kids learn quickly while some may also struggle till the age of 4. Apart from age, it is also important to consider a child’s readiness for toilet training. Only in some rare cases, does the child not learn to use the toilet above the age of 4. Toilet training for kids needs to be done step by step and only when the child is ready. Parental support and guidance are extremely crucial in toilet training for kids.

Children who suffer from issues like bed-wetting may take time to get trained. It is always better to consult trained paediatricians in Western Specialist Centre if the condition of bed-wetting fails to go away on its own. Nowadays, expert guidance is also available for toilet training for kids in Melbourne.

Here Are Some Signs That Show Your Child Is Ready For Toilet Training:

Capability Of Sitting For a Short Period

When your child learns to sit for a short period you can go ahead with his/her toilet training.

Awareness Of Saying Yes Or No To a Task

As the child grows, he/she eventually becomes more independent towards daily activities. Be it eating or using the toilet, a child will be able to say yes or no. When the child becomes more aware of the tasks, he/she can better cope with toilet training.

Ability To Follow Simple And Clear Instructions

A child who can follow simple instructions like sitting down or eating is ready for toilet training. However, parents need to be patient with the child.

Regularity In Bowel Movements

Once your child has regular bowel movements it is easier to start toilet training. A set routine will make the training easier for both the child and parent. Children who are vocal about their bowel movements are also ready for toilet training.

If your child is facing troubles in normal bodily functions then it is necessary to consult a medical expert. Paediatricians at Western Specialist Centre can not only help with toilet training for kids in Melbourne but also cater to problems like bed-wetting, tongue-tie, constipation, children’s sleeping issues, ADHD, etc. Initiating toilet training can be confusing for most parents and it is best to follow a simple training plan. Follow the brief guide below for toilet training for children in Melbourne.

Choose The Right Time For Toilet Training For Kids

Children also experience stress and it is necessary to time the training right. The child must be free of any kind of stress to get the most out of the training. Avoid your child’s toilet training if you are moving to a new place, welcoming another baby, travelling, etc. The training should also be delayed if the child is sick.

Get The Right Toilet Chair And Place It Well

The child is bound to feel weird when he/she first comes in contact with a toilet seat. Make sure to select the right toilet chair and also place it carefully. With time, the child will become comfortable with the setup. Make sure the toilet chair you choose is comfortable for the child’s bowel movements. If you are unclear about which toilet chair to choose then you can also approach our child specialists at Western Specialist Centre for the same.

Focus On Personal Hygiene Along With Toilet Training For Kids In Melbourne

With toilet training, it is also necessary to teach the child the basics of personal hygiene. The simple task of washing hands after using the toilet also needs to be taught.

Schedule Toilet Breaks

Once your child has regular bowel movements you can schedule the toilet breaks too. This will train your child to use the toilet regularly. See to it that your child sits on the toilet chair whenever he/she has an urge to poop or pee.

Reward The Child

It is important to reward the child during the toilet training process. The child needs to feel encouraged to use the toilet. Every time your child uses the toilet correctly make sure to say a few words of praise. Parents can also give a sticker to the child or a piece of their favourite chocolate to show appreciation. However, make sure you do not punish the child and don’t go overboard with rewards.

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