Day Wetting Treatment In Melbourne

Day wetting is a condition wherein a child who has already undergone and learnt toilet training has accidents of wetting or leakage. Also called diurnal enuresis, the condition is more common in girls than in boys. While 3-4% children between 4 to 12 years of age suffer from day wetting, it is also common among young children who are school-aged.

Due to the lack of control, this condition is often distressing to children, making it vital for parents to find the right place for treatment of day wetting in Melbourne. Many children who suffer from day wetting also show signs of bedwetting.

One of the ways to treat day wetting is behavioural modification. The best treatment for day wetting in Melbourne, however, can be done by consulting a child specialist.

Key Factors To Know About Day Wetting

Day wetting occurs among more than 3% of healthy children
Day wetting instances need to be checked out by a child specialist
67% of children with day wetting also have bedwetting
In case of both, day wetting needs to be treated before you try to treat bedwetting
A positive approach can help lessen the stress in cases of day wetting
Parents/caretakers need to be very patience if their child/ward shows signs of or is being treated for day wetting

Causes Of Day Wetting

To deal with the treatment of any issue, understanding its cause is vital. Here are some of the most common causes for children to have day wetting conditions:

Issue With Urine Storage

Some children face issues with their bladder’s storage capacity wherein it is unable to store urine for long. This causes an urgency issue wherein there is a leak while on the way to the restroom. This often causes children to visit the toilet more than seven times a day.

Dysfunctional Void

Children with day wetting may often feel the urge to urinate at the last possible moment, making them hold it in to stop the flow. By the time they reach the toilet, the outlet may not be relaxed completely, causing some urine to still remain even after they have let the urine out. This could later leak due to the dysfunctional void.

Infrequent Toilet Visits

While some keeps need to go to the toilet quite often, some visit less less than it necessary. When this happens, the urine may escape when the child in unaware due to overfilling of the bladder. Since this happens without any warning, children are unable to control it. Urinary tract infection or UTI is often common in such cases.


Some children are in the habit of prolonging as much as they can before going to the toilet. If the bladder is completely full, there are chances of leakage.

Incomplete Bladder Emptying

While toilet training is learned by children at a very young age, some children may not learn to empty their bladders completely. This also leads to wetting.

Reasons That Are Not Causes Of Day Wetting

Some parents are of the opinion that their children are day wetting due to the children’s own mistakes. This isn’t always true. While children may unknowingly cause day wetting, here are some factors that parents need to realise are not reasons day wetting:

Attention seeking

What Parents Can Do To Address Day Wetting In Melbourne

Day wetting needs to be addressed as the child older. Parents can help their children deal with the condition by taking professional help from child specialists who have the expertise to guide the child through it.

Observe Your Child’s Day Wetting Problem

Parents need to make a note of their children’s day wetting problem by observing factors such as how often the child goes to the toilet, how often the day wetting occurs, what happens when the child wets, how much liquid intake the child has, what kind of fluids your child consumes, etc.

Consult a Professional

To get the right day wetting treatment in Melbourne, parents would need professional consultation. The child specialist would require certain information to help deal with the issue such as:

The medical history of the child
A urine test
An examination of the abdomen
A urinary tract ultrasound
An examination of the bladder opening and the spine

Why Visit Western Specialist For Day WettingTreatment In Melbourne?

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