Complications Caused Due To Tongue Tie

When the frenulum of tongue is too short or tight it leads to restricted movement of the tongue which is called the tongue tie condition. This condition affects children usually at the time of birth. Infants affected with this condition cannot move their tongue freely inside the mouth. Even sticking out the tongue or moving it from side to side can be troublesome in tongue tie condition. Some children may need a simple procedure to get rid of the condition while in some cases, the babies remain unaffected. Initially, it can be quite difficult to notice the tongue tie in infants. However, one can detect the presence of tongue tie when the infant starts to breastfeed. Well, if the condition is not treated at the earliest it can affect a child’s speaking and eating at a later stage. There is no specific cause of tongue tie but it is said that it sometimes runs in families and is present in the child at the time of birth. The severity of the condition is measured as per the movement of the tongue. The condition can be mild wherein the movement of the tongue is not evidently affected or it can be severe in which the tongue can hardly move. Consult medical experts for treatment of tongue tie in Geelong. Here are some complications which can arise due to tongue tie.

  • Problems in breastfeeding

Babies can have problems when breastfeeding if they are affected with tongue tie condition. Due to the restricted movement of the tongue, the baby might have a problem. This is also one of the first signs which will help you detect the onset of the condition. This problem if not rectified at the earliest can lead to inadequate nutrition in the child.

  • Problems in speech

The limited movement of the tongue can lead to problems in producing certain sounds correctly. This can further also make the speech difficult. Certain sounds like “z”, “s”, “th”, etc. need specific tongue movements and children with tongue tie condition can have problems producing them clearly.

  • Leads to tooth decay and other oral hygiene problems

Tongue tie in children can lead to several oral hygiene problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, cavities, etc. Brushing teeth also becomes difficult if the child is suffering from tongue tie.

Approach a specialist for the treatment of tongue tie in Geelong.

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