Common Toilet Training Mistakes Every Parent Should Avoid

The early years of parenting are filled with confusion and challenges and one of the most tricky things is to give the kid toilet training. Though the process is quite simple, it needs patience. Every child is different and requires a different training method. It is necessary to trust the child with the process. The child’s diet schedule also plays a crucial role in the toilet training process. The pace of every child is different. Some kids may be ready and trained in just a week while some may need a longer training period. Moreover, parents must also see to it that they are well-aware of the child’s temperament. Parents can also consult paediatricians when it comes to toilet training for kids in Melbourne. Additionally, if your child is suffering from day wetting or bedwetting issues then he/she may need more training. Here are some common toilet training mistakes every parent should avoid.

Expecting The Child To Learn Everything In One Go

Most parents expect their child to know everything and hence, they rush into things. Toilet training is a process and cannot happen overnight. It is necessary to give the child some time. See how your child is responding to the overall process. Make sure your child is not resistant to use the toilet.

Not Being Mentally Prepared

Apart from the child’s readiness, parents also need to be mentally prepared. Before starting with the toilet training, make sure you are ready to deal with the challenges. There have been cases wherein the child has gone back to using diapers because of unsuccessful toilet training. This not only confuses the child but also hinders the overall process.

Not Rewarding The Child

Most children respond well when they are rewarded. Parents miss out on this during the toilet training phase. Make sure to reward your child if he/she does things right. Even minor things like voluntarily sitting on the toilet or conveying the need to use the toilet should be rewarded.

If your child is not responding to any methods it is best to consult a paediatrician for toilet training for kids in Melbourne.

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