Common Signs And Symptoms Of Child Behavioural Disorders

It is quite difficult to detect serious behavioural disorders in children. In several cases, children show early signs of behavioural disorders which go unnoticed. Moreover, detecting the onset of a behavioural disorder in children is tricky because every child displays different symptoms. Additionally, not all emotional outbursts and mood swings hint at the presence of a behavioural disorder. All behavioural disorders do not have long-term effects, some may have short-term effects too. Basically, all children display anger, mood swings, anxiety, hostility, etc. But when these stated emotions become more frequent and uncontrollable, they can be signs of a behavioural disorder. Problems in speech and inability to communicate emotions effectively can also hint at the onset of behavioural problems. The way the kids conduct themselves on a daily basis also says a lot about their mental health. If your kid’s behaviour is affecting his/her social or academic development then it is necessary to consult a paediatrician. Treatment for child behavioural disorders in Melbourne is effective and reliable. Here are some common signs and symptoms of child behavioural disorders.

Frequent temper tantrums and unreasonable aggression

Children do show signs of aggression but when this emotion is beyond control it can be a sign of behavioural disorder.  Moreover, throwing temper tantrums frequently and getting annoyed easily can show their lack of conduct. This generally happens when the child is suffering from Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Children suffering from ODD often also have problems when it comes to obeying instructions.

Frequent physical fights and bullying

If your child is attacking others physically to show aggression then it can be because of Conduct Disorder. Children suffering from Conduct Disorder often bully others and lie. If not treated this can also lead to acts of stealing and vandalism at later stages.

Difficulty in focusing and impatience

Children often cannot focus and are extremely impatient. These symptoms generally affect children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Being disorganized, not following instructions, inability to sit still, etc. also hint at ADHD.

Consult a well-experienced paediatrician for treating child behavioural disorders in Melbourne.

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