Common Myths About Autism and The Truth Behind Them

Like physical illnesses, it is not easy to define and come to conclusions in the case of neurodevelopmental disorders. Autism Spectrum Disorder known as autism, in general, is one such condition which is still misunderstood by many. Autism is a condition which causes problems in social interaction and communication. People with autism also have trouble expressing their own emotions. Apart from the stated, depending on the severity, this condition also affects the motor skills and speech of an individual. Moreover, this can also lead to repetitive behaviours. The actual cause of autism is still not known but many believe that genetic factors can be responsible for the same. Moreover, exposure to toxic elements and birth complications are also known to promote this condition. Generally, the symptoms of autism become evident during childhood itself. Some children might have severe or very noticeable behavioural symptoms whereas some may show signs later. There are many professional therapists for autism in Geelong. Take a look at some of the most common myths about autism and the facts behind them.

People with autism need to be kept aloof

Many believe that children or adults with autism need to be kept aloof. Though autism affected individuals are by and large not able to socialise, it does not mean they have to be kept alone. Even children with autism need to interact because only then will they learn how to face others. Moreover, you can keep a constant check on their behaviour in case they have shown repetitive aggressive behaviour in the past.

Autism is related to parenting skills

Autism is not associated with parenting skills. Autism in itself is a condition which causes problems in behaviour and communication. Parents, on the other hand, need to be patient when it comes to dealing with autistic children.

Autism has no treatment options

There is no specific treatment for autism but there are many therapies which can control the negative behavioural patterns. Moreover, these therapies can also help in improving the speech of the affected individual.

Therapists for autism in Geelong are known for their expertise.

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