Common Misconceptions About Bed Wetting

Bed wetting usually stops when the child is between 5 to 6 years old. Most parents blame the child’s toilet training when it comes to bed wetting. However, bed wetting is not the result of the stated. It should be noted that bed wetting occurs due to many reasons like small bladder, infection in the urinary tract, inability to control a full bladder, etc. Children suffering from bed wetting can also experience problems like anxiety and embarrassment. In order to deal with bed wetting, it is necessary for the parents to be patient with the child. Simple things like scheduling regular toilet breaks, monitoring the liquid intake of the child, etc. can also help treat bed wetting. In many cases, bed wetting also has genetic causes. Moreover, getting angry at your little one or blaming your child for bed wetting can make matters worse. Communicating with your child effectively is very important if he/she is suffering from this problem. Parents need to educate themselves when it comes to dealing with bed wetting. Here are some misconceptions about bed wetting.

Bed wetting happens to children who are lazy

Parents often label the child as lazy if he/she is suffering from bed wetting. It should be noted that bed wetting is not the result of laziness. It is normal for children to suffer from bed wetting until the age of 6. Consult a paediatrician to know the cause of bed wetting in your child.

Punishment can help stop bed wetting in children

Most parents resort to punishment to stop the child from bed wetting. Punishing can make a child anxious and worsen the problem. Additionally, it can also lower the child’s self-esteem. It is best to talk to your child and communicate freely.

Bed wetting always has a medical cause

Not every child who wets the bed has a medical issue. Under the age of 6, bed wetting should not be a major concern. Only in some rare cases, do children suffer from actual medical problems which lead to bed wetting. In most children, bed wetting under the age of 6 is a part of their normal growth.

See to it that you consult a well-experienced paediatrician for your child’sbed wetting problem.

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