Basic Things To Know About Tongue Tie And Lip Tie In Children

Many babies these days are being diagnosed by tongue tie and lip tie conditions. Though these conditions are quite common, not many know about their symptoms and treatment. It is quite difficult to detect the onset of these two conditions at the time of birth. Both these conditions are caused because of the frenulum. In tongue-tie, the frenulum which connects the tongue to the rest of the mouth is either too tight or small. This results in restricted movements of the tongue. Similarly, in the lip tie condition, the tissue which connects the upper lip and the mouth is either too thick or stiff. Tongue ties are more common as compared to lip ties. In most cases, these two conditions are detected when the baby faces problems in breastfeeding. When the baby is unable to breastfeed properly it eventually leads to weight loss. Treatment for tongue tie in Melbourne is reliable as it is carried out by expert medical professionals. Also, not all tongue tie and lip tie conditions need treatment. In some babies, the conditions do not hamper the normal functioning of the child. However, treatment for lip tie in Melbourne is best done at an early stage because in some children it can lead to problems in speech. Here are some basic things to know about tongue tie and lip tie conditions.

Causes of tongue tie and lip tie

There is no specific cause of these two conditions. It is believed that both tongue tie and lip tie are caused due to genetic factors. No other causes of these two conditions are still detected.

Treatment for tongue tie and lip tie

The treatment procedures of tongue tie and lip tie are quite similar. Laser frenectomy is commonly used to rectify these problems. See to it that you consult a trained medical professional for the treatment.

Complications of untreated tongue tie and lip tie

Not all babies require a focused treatment for tongue tie and lip tie. Nevertheless, if the condition is untreated it can sometimes lead to problems in speech and swallowing. Additionally, in the later stages, it can also result in tooth decay.

Research a bit before going for your child’s treatment of tongue tie and lip tie in Melbourne.

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