All You Need To Know About Tongue Tie Treatment

Parents become very anxious if their child has a tongue tie. Most children are affected with this condition at the time of birth but the symptoms are not so significant. In the tongue tie condition, the frenulum is either too tight or short which restricts the motion of the tongue. This also leads to problems in chewing food and speech. This condition is rare and is also difficult to detect. In most cases, the doctors come to know about the presence of this condition when the child is having problems during breastfeed. It can sometimes also lead to problems in swallowing. The severity of this condition is not the same for all babies. Some infants may require surgery to get rid of the frenulum. The treatment procedure for tongue tie is carried out in a quick and simple manner. Make sure you consult a trained and experienced medical expert for the tongue tie treatment. Tongue tie treatment in Melbourne is reliable and result-oriented. It is necessary to recognise the conditions wherein the child needs treatment for tongue tie. Additionally, tongue tie has no specific cause apart from being a congenital condition. Here is what one must expect before, during and after the tongue tie treatment.

Preparing your child for the tongue tie treatment

Tongue tie treatment does not need much preparation. These days the treatment procedure is almost painless. However, the child may get anxious and may need help to calm down. Make sure you consult a paediatrician and implement ways to calm down the child’s discomfort. This will help in the smooth completion of the treatment procedure.

 Things to expect during the treatment

Most doctors these days use laser frenectomy to get rid of the frenulum in children. This may cause the baby to cry but the treatment hardly takes any time. A little blood loss is expected and normal but will not influence the baby’s health in any way.

Recovery from the treatment

Apart from the treatment procedure, focusing on recovery is also important. This treatment procedure does not need much recovery time. Initially, the baby may experience discomfort but it will not interfere with the child’s overall functioning.


Go for tongue tie treatment in Melbourne and give your child relief from the condition.

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