All You Need To Know About Non-surgical Prolapse Treatments

Women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse think that surgery is the only option available to them for treatment. Moreover, many women are not very comfortable when it comes to discussing this health issue. Though surgical treatment is the most sought-after option, there are non-surgical treatments too which can cure pelvic organ prolapse effectively. In simple terms, pelvic organ prolapse also known as POP occurs when organs like uterus, bladder and rectum shift away from their normal positions. Check out the non-surgical treatments for pelvic organ prolapse-


The first step towards curing pelvic organ prolapse in a non-surgical manner is opting for pessary. If you get the symptoms of POP, pessary is opted as the first treatment method. A Pessary is a simple method in which a device is inserted into the vagina to give support to the organs. The pessaries are harmless because they are normally made of silicone. Pessaries also have types based on the condition of the prolapse. The pessaries are classified into types based on the shape of the device. Pessary is also used in cases of overactive bladder.

Kegel exercises

Before opting for a surgery, every doctor will first go for non-surgical treatment. There are times when POP can be cured with Kegel exercises too. These exercises target the pelvic muscles and help in increasing their strength. In Kegel exercises, one needs to tighten and release the pelvic muscles. This exercise improves the support of the pelvic muscles which helps cure POP. Your doctor can help you with the method of practising these exercises. Commonly, these exercises are done twice or thrice a day. However, it is best to consult a doctor before doing these exercises. Though Kegel exercises might not give immediate results, they are extremely beneficial for curing POP. With a continuous exercise routine, prolapse can get cured permanently.

Consult a doctor for prolapse treatment in Melbourne and find a permanent solution to your health issue.

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