A Brief Guide To Multiple Miscarriage Treatments

Multiple miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage can be simply explained as a condition in which two or more miscarriages are caused repeatedly. There is no specific cause for recurrent miscarriage but most of the times the imbalance in the genes causes the stated. Most of the times, when the patient is tested for multiple miscarriage, the reports seem normal and show no specific causes. Likewise, the multiple miscarriages treatment is also not pre-defined and has to be decided depending upon the patient’s condition.

The most common cause of multiple miscarriages is genetic disorder. The genetic disorder in the patient causes the foetus to develop abnormally which results in miscarriage. Majority of the miscarriages are caused due to chromosomal abnormalities. Another reason for miscarriage can also be weak cervical muscles. Miscarriage can take place when the weak cervical muscles cannot hold the foetus due to the pressure on the cervical opening. Coming to the symptoms, not all patients experience the same set of symptoms in case of miscarriages. Symptoms can be anything like the absence of heart sounds, cramps and vaginal bleeding, etc.

Just like there are no specific causes, there is no one treatment for miscarriage. The symptoms of miscarriages cannot be treated immediately because the reports might not detect the problem. Multiple miscarriages treatment involves genetic counselling for chromosome abnormality. The treatment can also involve doses of aspirin tablets and heparin injections. Because most medicines are not recommended during pregnancy, these two are safe for consumption. The stated medicines prevent the clotting of blood. Additionally, surgery is also performed on the patient if the uterus has any abnormalities.

In several cases, In-vitro fertilization (IVF) along with pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis is also opted. In this treatment method, the eggs from the woman’s body are fertilised externally with her partner’s sperm and are then tested for genetic condition. If the embryo does not have any problematic conditions then it is placed in the woman’s womb to develop. This stated treatment is quite new but is now being chosen by couples who have suffered from multiple miscarriages.

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